Huge Fire In Downtown Los Angeles

Daniel Drew,  12/8/2014


1.3 million square feet, 5 stories, nothing but wood framing on a luxury apartment building under construction, and a spark led to a war zone type of scene in downtown Los Angeles early Monday morning around 1:10 a.m.

The 110 Freeway, known as the Harbor Freeway, was completely shut down and was being used by 250 firefighters. Portions of the freeway began to reopen later, but the southbound 110 remained closed, ensuring chaos for commuters on a dreadful Monday morning. Trying to get from one side of the city to the other would probably take about 2 hours or more.

The fire is located at 909 W. Temple Street at the DaVinci apartment construction site. Their website says, "Experience urban-style elegance and European living in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Indulge in world-class amenities, such as a state of the art fitness facility, a full size indoor basketball court, a residential lounge, a library, a theater and a business center." Two adjacent buildings were also damaged.

I would be highly surprised if arson wasn't the cause. The building had been under construction for over 2 years. Imagine how many millions of dollars were lost. It's not public information, so we can only speculate what the number is. A project that size probably had adequate insurance. Speaking of insurance, I wonder if there is a possibility that the project was over budget. Maybe they needed to abandon it, so they got somebody to light it on fire in the middle of the night. Then they could collect the insurance payout. Anything is possible.

The best part about this situation is that there were no reports of injuries.

This is what the apartment building was supposed to look like.